Jun 28, 2009

Physically and mentally perfect.

My friend Paul posted his entire thesis film, Seventy-Four In E-Flat, on Vimeo this week. The original lead actor dropped out of the film at the last minute, so Paul asked me to come in about three weeks before shooting.

Memories of the film:
-Horribly exhausting. Shot in 6 days during finals week 8pm-8am.
-Horribly cold. Shot in a warehouse in November with no insulation and I wore only a thin nylon shirt.
-Really horribly cold. Strapped to sheet metal with sheet metal at 4am was no fun. I wasn't able to bend my knees for 3 hours. And we had to shoot it twice.
-I lost nearly 10lbs prior to shooting. I've currently lost this willpower.
-I didn't have contacts yet, so I was blind as a bat.
-It was fun.