Jul 29, 2009

Wanderlust 2009 w/ Causecast

For some reason I'm dead tired every day. When I get home, Ryan and I really want to work on our Skunkworks.LA projects, but end up just watching movies and I've been missing out on a lot of runs.

Regardless, this past weekend, several of us Causecasters went to Lake Tahoe to check out the inaugural Wanderlust Festival. Wanderlust is the combination of indie music on three stages and yoga taught by dozens of nationally-known yogi's in a beautiful setting. This first festival was in Squaw valley, they plan to do several all over the country every year. Only a few thousand came, so it was very small and everyone was super friendly.

Brandon and I walked around everywhere trying to catch our scheduled interviews with the musical artists and also gather B-Roll for a promotional piece on the festival, while the interns Eric, Jenny and Blair from Falling Whistles interviewed the attendees and talked up Causecast.

It was incredible fun. It was very hot, and Brandon and I were barely able to see any of the shows as we had to constantly move. Most often I was carrying around the HVX, tripod and camerabag so I was exhausted by the end of the day, and had to bounce between shooting video and stills, so I wasn't able to take as many photos as I would have liked. In fact after this, I'm now going to really look into HD-video shooting DSLR's purely for convenience and portability sake (dropping some 20lbs off my shoulders and being able to choose lenses is salivating to me. Now hopefully they've come up with a good timecode-syncing system so we can record audio separately).

Here are a few photos I uploaded to Flickr through Causecast on the trip. I uploaded a lot more to my personal Facebook, because I didn't want to have as many photos of the CC squad completely open to the public. I also was able to shoot a few of the musician's sets and 3 complete songs by Andrew Bird that'll probably end up in the final video. I'd give my right arm to post the Bird videos, but it's probably for the best because by that time in the day my arms were shaking like crazy. I saw him walking around all weekend and wanted to say hi, but knew I'd freak him out thinking we'd want to interview him (we'd already asked his management and they said no).

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