Aug 2, 2009

I'll Kill Her

I've been watching a lot of animation videos, catching up on Motionographer, and I think this was the one to cap off the weekend.

I´ll kill her from Joerg Barton on Vimeo.

Student-made music video for Soko's "I'll Kill Her" (which I really like) by Joerg Barton, and he said he used "Cinema 4d for 3d modeling and 3d Animation, Xfrog (as Cinema 4d plugin) for modeling and animating the plants and ornamental shapes and After Effects for 2d Animation and compositing."

I'll probably save this for another post, but there's a few films that I list in my top 5 not because I love watching them, but because their execution was completely beyond my comprehension. This was a very expertly-made video with a lot of care put in, but like those films in the Top 5, I simply cannot picture how you would make it happen.

Or maybe I'm just not paying enough attention to other, non-AE programs like Cinema 4D.