Sep 25, 2009

causecast, one year later

(Reposted from the Causecast blog, which can't embed the flickr slideshow)

Causecast celebrated its one-year anniversary two weeks ago (Sept 12 2008 was the day of launch), but today I'm celebrating my one-year anniversary of working at Causecast.

It's hard to condense down a full year into one blog post, and I've never been a sentimental person by any stretch of the term, but I do love taking pictures. And I've been fortunate enough to tag along when Causecast has gone to different parts of the country: Washington DC during Obama's inauguration, Austin Tx for SXSW, San Francisco for the NTEN conference just to name a few. It's been amazing. And if I ever had a moment to spare I'd take some pictures and post them on our Flickr page.

Here are just a few, which I'll be expanding over time when I have a moment to go through the collection.

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Lately I've been using the camera to shoot timelapses (here's the CC crew having lunch).

Where will we be going in the next year? God only knows. It's pretty amazing how far we've gone now. But you can be sure I'll be taking pictures all the way.