Oct 31, 2009

Trick Or Treating House Index

This is absolutely amazing.

From an article on Wired, Zillow now practices finding the best houses to Trick Or Treat for Halloween based on
1) Zillow Home Value Index
2) population density
3) Walk Score
4) local crime data

I was pretty fortunate as a kid because there weren't many children in the neighborhood, so people would give my brother and me a lot of candy (which is true, as I TrT'ed at friend's neighborhoods near schools and didn't get anywhere near the quality candy).

However with these new tools, imagine the possibilities:
A) Use Zillow to find the safe, richer neighborhoods.
B) Tweet the houses with the best candy, #street names.
C) Use RunKeeper iPhone app to track exactly when/where they are in the journey, plot tags where the good houses are.
C) Apply the data into Google Spreadsheets by weight and chocolate %.
D) Share the data sets among friends and develop Google Maps w/ colored zones for the following year.
E) Develop a rating scale to houses/streets and publish to a blog, whereby residents then check in how they rated. Residents then compete for best Halloween locals in the following year.
F) Use AdSense from said blog to hire developers to plot this all into an iPhone app itself, which is sold for $.99

Damnit, now when kids come up to my door tonight, I'm just going to say "You're doing it wrong."