Feb 23, 2010

How To Succeed In Mobile: Google Tech Talk

This is a long (97min) talk held at one of the Google campuses earlier this month from an all-women panel of mobile app designers. For the most part, they talk about how important it is to listen to your users to figure out how best to serve your app or what direction it should be going, but a few notes that stuck out to me were:

  • It's essential to release your app as soon as possible with bare-minim of features; if you get carried away with what it could have, you'll spend forever in development.
  • People don't want one app that does everything, either. Keep the UI very plain (ie no fancy tactile functions). This reminds me of the comparison with FourSquare (very simple) to Gowalla (like a Flash restaurant site made in 2000).
  • People search more than browse.
  • 2 second page load = people think the app is broken. People have less tolerance for speed on mobile than for web.
  • Take your phone out into the sun to see how people will see it in use.
(featured speakers:
Sarah Allen, CTO, Mightyverse
Mary Ann Cotter, Founder and CEO, Smart Capsules
Corinne Chan, CTO, Chictopia
Christina A. Brodbeck, CEO, Pickv (formerly Design Lead, YouTube Mobile)
Angana Ghosh, Product Manager for Android developer tools, Google
Karyln Neel, Design Manager, eBay
Kris Corzine, Content Strategist, eBay)