Feb 8, 2010

Sustainable Seafood And Interactive Cooking Shows

Posted from Causecast

Causecast recently had the pleasure of having a visit from Seafood For The Future, a nonprofit based out of the Aquarium of the Pacific, who stopped by our headquarters to prepare a meal made from local vegetables and sustainable seafood.

As chef Andrew Gruel and marine biologist Dave Anderson cooked, the video team captured them on camera talking about the history of their organization, why it’s important to maintain seafood as a part of a healthy diet and how they’re going about convincing the fishing industry and the restaurant industry to go sustainable. They also explained the incentives they offer customers who choose sustainable dishes.

Because Andrew and Dave had so many insightful things to say, we did something a little special with this video. Normally our videos are around three to four minutes long, so we also provided links in the video to other parts where Dave and Andrew go into more detail about certain things, whether it’s more on the health benefits of having seafood in your diet, or about how you can shop sustainably at your local grocery store or restaurant.

We also couldn’t leave you without recipes of all the delicious dishes Andrew made, so we included links at the very end of the video that you can click on that will take you directly to the recipes.

- - -

I was really happy with how this video mini-series came out. I had 4.5 solid hours of footage to work with, and I didn't want to spend too long editing so many things because it was still more of a conceptual piece that showed how video could be more interactive. If given long enough time, we would have eventually gone into each dish individually, more about sustainability for each ingredient, etc. There are so many directions to go, but ultimately I hope we do more like this in the future.