May 28, 2010

Hungry Beast: Google "Don't Be Evil" Animated Infographic

Sites are still crazy for infographics.

I have no problem with that, but I saw this one today that got my attention. It was created by Hungry Beast, which is a (recently) defunct creative agency that used to broadcast on ABC Australia. What caught me about this (I first came across them for this Kiva spot) is that for those who know how to work with Adobe After Effects, this piece is very simply animated, though massively complex in the amount of layers required.

Of course, you can "nest" sequences (place compositions within compositions) no problem, but even so, there have to be hundreds and hundreds of animated layers. Though there's a little bit of 3D motion to introduce a few layers, the video really doesn't attempt to be a 3D piece, because that would have been a nightmare (I originally wanted the Obama mosaic to be 3D, but there was absolutely no way to even lay out each tile in a reasonable amount of time; the computer I worked on couldn't even render more than 100 layers of photos, let alone 1400 layers of video.