May 17, 2010

RIP Online Video; Long Live Video -- 5 Predictions for the Next 5 Years

What I find interesting is that this article is completely devoted to how video will be aggregated to the viewer, but no information on how the video will actually be created. I love the fact that there are YouTube celebrities and that people have been able to make themselves superstars from new mediums; I think that's spectacular. But content from broadcast networks is the most watched content online today, meaning people are watching CNN, Fox and Daily Show clips more than they're watching Fred, What The Buck, and Phil DeFranco. I believe that'll change, but not by leaps and bounds. This means our biggest "quality filter" is the belief that broadcast is still better than online.

What Hunter also missed, in my opinion, is a big statement that with interactive video, video becomes the website It's in some cases easier to make a multi-piece video around a topic than it is to create an entire website to the same topic. So video is not accompanying content- it's the platform.
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