Sep 27, 2010

Maryland On Your Feet (Virgin Mobile Freefest Photos)

West Stage

Not as many pictures this time, because most of the trip was shooting video or carrying around (heavy) video equipment.

In short, the trip was: fly to Chicago, bus from Chicago to Baltimore (around 15 hours), all day at Baltimore for the Virgin Mobile Freefest, bus from Baltimore to New York City (to return equipment), and fly back to LA. Three cities in four days, carrying around 30lbs of equipment, with two video teams and three subjects to film.


Fortunately I was able to go bar-hopping with my high school friend Chaz for a few hours. We spoke of immersive theatre, online video standards, beer brewing, and a potential future collaboration- Chenzo: The Shitty Fascist

Virgin Mobile Freefest Express poster

Chicago Freefest Bus


Hollywood checking in.

you don't shoot me, i won't shoot you.

car games

Hollywood Holt on Afro-Punk





geek geeking.


my first raver


charity water?

gold on gold

this is a sold up.

sunshine and legs

dj bokeh

mix and drink