Dec 31, 2010

2010's Resolutions (6.5 Failures)

2010's New Year's Resolutions

1) Weigh 165lbs. or less by my birthday (May 22)
-FAIL. Though I have successfully kept my weight down this year, I need to average lower.

2) Run at least 4x per week. Run in a marathon.

-(half) SUCCESS. I don't run anymore, but my commute to work is 8.5 miles, which I take by bike. So instead of the 2m running, 2m walking (the old office location was 1 mile from where I lived) I'd do on average every day, I now bike 17 miles, averaging 90min/day of good intensity.
There's no way I can run a marathon.

3) Build a solid website for myself and portfolio reel.

-(half) FAIL. Although I did complete a quick portfolio reel of motion graphic work, which I plan to update in early 2011, I still don't have a central hub for my work.

4) Publish more pictures. Learn how to better post-process/edit photos.

-SUCCESS. I feel a lot more comfortable using Adobe Camera Raw Editor, particularly in a few simple tricks to make photos look nice without spending a lot of time. Now I'm going to spend a lot of this year trying to figure out how to organize and archive my library of hundreds of thousands of photos, and even start scanning the prints and negatives from my grandparents.

5) Create at least one iphone app.

FAIL. Not even close. Not even kinda close.

6) Travel to another country.

FAIL. Nope.

7) Take another long-distance road trip.

FAIL. Though I did spend time with friends in Austin and Atlanta, which was really the point.

8) Reduce drinking soda (1/week), drink water instead.


9) Put Joy, my thesis film, online.

FAIL. I showed it to someone for the first time since graduating and it's still painful to watch. Though I still don't regret doing it.

10) Update the blog more frequently.

SUCCESS. I'll take this one, though technically I meant more actual writing, when lately I've really just been posting up videos I like.