Dec 12, 2010

Medi "How Would You Do It"

Just saw this new music video for Medi's "How Would You Do It," directed by Vincent Viriot, part of The Holograms collective in Paris, France (Medi is currently under the Atmospheriques label).

Just when I thought I was getting tired of the retro-video style that's been appearing on music videos and designs for the last three years (I love you, Superbad and Justice, but I'm ready to move on), a video like this pops out that's cleanly executed, visually elegant and a lot of fun.

I'm assuming the 3D graphics are coming from Cinema 4D, and there are only a few behind-the-scenes videos, but they go primarily into pre-production, dance choreography, and executing the first rooftop reveal (using a TRIPOD AS A STEADICAM!!!)

Medi "How Would You Do It" Tripod Steadicam

I'm having a really tough time seeing what camera they're using, the display screen on the back makes me think it's a very stripped-down RED.

Medi "How Would You Do It" Camera

The choreography of the whole piece is really what sells it- the graphics that come out and above and behind the characters are all nice, but they clearly had to do a lot of greenscreen work just to keep the piece flush- the walls of the small studio, the guitar he plays on the staircase- all to keep the camera moving fluidly. In fact the only thing that kept sticking out to me was the expression Medi had as he danced and sang: as though he was more focused on where he should be positioned next. Nevertheless, this is his first music video from his first single off his first solo album, so we'll be seeing more of him in the coming year.

Medi's to start touring December 15, starting in France, and his first solo album, "You Got Me (Moving)," should be out in January 2011.