Mar 26, 2011

Back In Austin 2011 - Paper Hats, Pies And SXSW

For the last two weeks, I've been in Austin, TX to hang out with SCAD friends and enjoy South By Southwest. I binged on incredible food and beer (staff at Casino El Camino knew me on a first-name basis by the end of the week), walked until my feet went raw (averaging 8.8 miles per day for 13 days), was in a world's largest pie fight, saw the world premier of Billy's Birthday and my first Old Murder House Theatre performance of Back To The Future. It was a blast.

I was posting photos onto Flickr and Facebook throughout the break, but I'll just post some of the best here. I'll probably be throwing up more this week.

I walked through this bridge every day from Zach's house (where I was staying) to downtown.
Day 1


To me, this pic is the fail of the year- I'd give my right arm to have had his head in focus.

Mister Heavenly- Michael Cera, Modest Mouse, Man Man at SXSW 2011 Secret Show
Mister Heavenly- Michael Cera, Modest Mouse, Man Man at SXSW 2011 Secret Show

Met Scotty Iseri for the first time in person, and he held the 2nd Annual Paper Hat Game.

"My name is Darth Vader."
"My name is Darth Vader"

Conan O'Brien made a surprise visit for the world-premier of Conan O'Brien Can't Stop.
Conan O'Brien onstage

Sam Eidson and My Sucky Teen Romance director Emily Hagins (yes, she's 18 years old).
sam + emily hagins

At the Strokes free concert. SXSW Music + free, open-to-the-public concert + St. Patrick's day = the most amount of people I have ever seen in my life. Holy Christ.
bikes and bikes and bikes and bikes

Pepper Rabbit playing at a friend's venue.

March 14th (3.14) was Pi Day, so there was the "World's Largest Pie Fight." Only problem is it costs $1500 to be verified by Guiness, so we were basically just a big group of people throwing pies.
pies pies pies

Regardless, we had fun.
s + j + b

Also there was a water gun fight.




snow cone

a beautiful mind


Tyler, Danny, Emily, Thomas



This picture I really love because it's so reminiscent of the photo I took in Florence, Italy.
Florence, Austin.. Maybe I should photo rowers beneath bridges around the world.

Good time.