Apr 8, 2011

Pin-up girls before Photoshop

Pin-up Girl Before/After

Someone on Livejournal posted 28 pictures pairing classic, retro pin-up girl paintings from the 1960's with the original reference photos. They're pretty amazing (especially how the process of "enhancing" the girls clearly hasn't changed in decades), but this reminded me of the stuff I used to do at SCAD.

Pin-up Girl Before/After

A lot of my friends asked me to take bracketed pictures of themselves with my DSLR camera (different camera exposures help you see how shadows affect skin and fabric), so I still have some of those buried in some hard drive somewhere, but I also did the opposite of these before/after pics- for my first assignment for Light and Field Cinematography, I recreated a Robert McGinnis pulp novel painting in-camera (meaning no post-production color alterations).

Some Like It Cool by Robert Kyle"

My friend Maia already looked spot-on to the girl in the painting, and my apartment at the time had an odd windowsill-like opening between the bedroom and closet that was perfect.


(the shadow being caused by the couche's armrest isn't accurate if the rest of her body is lit the way it is, so I sculpted a glob out of tinfoil to cast a shadow over her right arm.)


This was also one of the few assignments when I went to SCAD that was really fun to see what everyone chose and how it came out. At least I didn't have to film someone holding christmas lights and screaming into a mirror.