Jul 2, 2011

still some more words on FCPX via @lonelysandwich

You know how many licenses of FCP Murch and Cold Mountain sold? Millions. Know how many licenses the most beautifully-crafted, tastefully-shot home movie of your family trip to Lake Havasu will sell? Fuck all. Nobody wants to make the best home movie ever. It’s just not an aspirational thing anymore, the way it was in the early days of hub computing, when the Mac was aspirationally this centered hub of creation. We don’t want to do that anymore, our eyes are bigger. We all want to think we can make The Social Network now. So show me Fincher cutting The Social Network on FCP X and you’ll have me on board...

It’s Saved By the Bell syndrome. You can’t pass off this “New Class” bullshit on me without introducing some of these characters one by one. No one’s going to watch your shitty show (even if some of the writing is quite good and Principal Belding is still in the cast).

LonelySandwich on "Final Cut Pro: The New Class."