Jul 11, 2012

YouTube DJ, revisited

YouTube's new Dashboard is pretty cool, but I noticed this new feature of playlists being able to have an end time (playlists and video URL's have always been able to have a custom start time).

This is really interesting to me, because now more than ever users are able to make a complete reference shows. I described this a few years ago as an opportunity for music DJ's- video yourself talking to the camera as an intro to the set, and then playlist the songs in the order you want them.

An even better example is shows like Tosh.0 or Web Soup, where you have a host intro for a few seconds, cut to a few seconds of a clip, and cut back to the host for jokes.

The only downside is you have to depend on the account holders to not take down the videos or place them behind a YouTube Rental paywall.