Jun 7, 2013


My new girl and the special bed I had made to keep her toasty

2007 - Four-Hour Workweek Method
1) Make up a few products with several names, descriptions, and images.
2) Buy Google Adwords on each product and variation.
3) Track which product gets the most clicks, and start selling that item.

2010 - Kickstarter Method
1) Design and manufacture a product, and prepare your business model for producing at scale.
2) Create a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to scale up production, and reward "backers" with lower-priced "pre-orders."
3) Ask all journalists that write blogs on the success of your Kickstarter campaign to link to your store site.

2013 - Reddit Method
1) Build a product.
2) Post a pic to Reddit that either you or "your friend" made it themselves on a weekend for the hell of it.
3) Launch your Etsy store two weeks later.