Feb 19, 2010

Jr.canest & Team Up For Google Voice Spots

Designers Jr.canest (Jorge R. Canedo Estrada) and Kasey Lum worked with Jason Toff from Google to put together the new series of short videos that go in-depth for Google Voice.

I really, really love these spots; they're amazingly well-done, they have their own style but still with that "Google" gloss, and it's ultimately a 10-minute instructional piece that's broken down to be easily digestible/shareable/referenceable (and, of course, these spots were really great to come out when they did because I've been trying to convince some of my friends whom I've shared invites with why it's actually useful). Google's original spot was good, but they ultimately were cramming too much info into too short of a timeline.

I'm thinking this is also a trend for Google to reach out with their creative department: I just learned last week that the really short, hand-made Chrome Features spots were done by 1st Ave Machine.

I've been a huge fan of Canest ever since I saw his reel on Vimeo, and was even more impressed (and slightly depressed) to find he's only 20 and already successfully freelancing out of college (Vancouver Film School).


Jorge and Kasey worked together on a music video for Broadcast 2000 (same band as for Jorge's reel)

(Reminds me of some work from the Dandy Dwarves).

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