Feb 19, 2010

"T-Shirt Wars" And The End Of Hollywood

This video is basically the pinnacle of YouTube as of right now:

  1. Hand-made Stop Motion
    • Cheap digital still cameras and the huge pop-culture success of Michel Gondry 2006-2008 made everyone want to emulate stop-motion animation. People share these like crazy. It's awesome, but I think it'll finally wane by mid-2010.
  2. Full HD
    • 360p to 1080p, this video can be viewed on as low- or as high-quality as YouTube can offer, and on any device YouTube can stream to.
  3. Cute
    • Vocal sound effects and catchy, simple music recorded on a desktop computer.
    • Shot at home in a basement.
    • Expressive faces, like something out of a high school skit.
  4. Action Annotations
    • Credits for the video aren't just names, they're links to their profiles, encouraging you to subscribe. Like the music? Go to the musician's page and hear all of their songs. And because it exists on the video itself ("baked-in"), the links work no matter where it's posted: MySpace, Facebook or this blog.
  5. Sub-video categories
    • Jump to the behind-the-scenes companion video literally as the video's still playing.
  6. Links everywhere
    • The description has links to buy the song in 3 different places, to each filmmaker's YouTube page, Twitter, Facebook and DailyBooth.
  7. Merchandising like crazy
    • You can buy the song (both with and without lyrics) and all the shirts, and AdSense on the video are all revenue models for this one piece: the video is a vehicle for the sales, and the sales are only possible from the video. 1000x more bang-for-the-buck than the Transformers franchise.
Your movie, Hollywood.

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