Jun 29, 2010

Modest Mouse "The Moon & Antarctica" *The Correct Order*

modest mouse moon and antarctica backwards

I can't remember if it was from a friend or a friend of my brother, but I got a copy CD of Modest Mouse's The Moon & Antarctica. I listened to it a lot for many years.

So imagine my surprise several years later when I was a radio DJ at SCAD and I pop in the CD they had in the library, jump directly to "Wild Pack of Family Dogs" on track 11, and out plays "Paper Thin Walls?" Because radio stations usually get early release sampler CD's (filled with singles and radio-edits), I check the case- regular release. Huh?

Somehow the CD I was given had all of the tracks in the wrong order. There wasn't a European release, nor are the tracks in alphabetical order, they were just laid out different. But listening to the album now, I can't just dismiss my disappointment as "temp love;" I think Modest Mouse made a mistake and released the tracks in their album in the wrong order.

So, I present to you the "Correct Order" of The Moon & Antarctica

1. A Different City
2. Gravity Rides Everything
3. Paper Thin Walls
4. The Cold Part
5. Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes
6. Dark Center Of The Universe
7. I Came As A Rat
8. Life Like Weeds
9. The Stars Are Projectors
10. Perfect Disguise
11. Wild Packs Of Family Dogs
12. Lives
13. Alone Down There
14. 3rd Planet
15. What People Are Made Of

If you have a copy of the album, I'd recommend making this playlist and proving me wrong.